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Kalem Textile

Kalem Textile

Kalem Textile  was opened for your special customers.

Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi Akçay No:22 Merter-İstanbul
Tel: 444 8 907 Fax: +90(212) 504 07 09

Kalem Tekstil

Think of Chiffon and Satin fabrics and one of first brand names that should come to mind is KALEM TEKSTİL. Established in 1961, our firm embarked on a new route in 1989 and has arrived at the present by continuing to grow, innovate and develop. 

Kalem Tekstil knows how to rapidly perceive and adapt the dynamics of the textile industry into its structure. Besides having the capability of manufacturing all types of woven and knitted, plain and printed fabrics its customers require, it can also produce innovative products and come up with novelties in accordance with the demands of our customers.  More...
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Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi Akçay sokak No:22,Merter-İstanbul
Tel:444 8 907Fax: +90(212) 504 07 09